slinky dress

I'm officially a Poster Girl


Before I jump into how amazing this brand is alongside with the quality of their clothing, I need to express HOW GASSED UP I AM OVER MYSELF.

A few weeks back I had gotten contacted by the lovely ladies behind Poster Girl to come stop by their studio in London for a quick shoot and I was able to check out their newest collection that'll be released during LFW A/W '17. 

I cannot begin to describe how sexy these pieces made me feel, and it was an instant confidence boost. When you hear someone that is consistently divulged in the world of fashion state how clothing has the ability to change your personality, mood, perspective, etc it's a true statement. Poster Girl is definitely one of those brands that forces you to see the best version of yourself once you put them on.

I am one of the biggest homebodies, and upon trying on the first dress, I immediately experienced the need to show everyone how good I felt let alone how good I looked. The chainmail detail added a slinky texture that had me feeling myself to the fullest, and although the clothing looks skin tight, it's actually very flexible and perfect for a night out because of that. 


I could go on all day about how beautiful this brand is, and I didn't even mention the fact that the ladies behind Poster Girl, Frankie and Tash, are just as beautiful as well as genuine down-to-earth women. They made me feel extremely welcome, and there is something about women supporting women that is very uplifting and refreshing.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you keep an eye out for their newest collection, and in the mean time grab something off their website whilst you wait xx