Leather Bound



Okay, now that the apology is out of the way, I was so hyped about wearing this look for the shoot. I purchased this black mesh top from Missguided. It was only £8 so I said "fuck yes, thank you," and grabbed that ho real quick. 

It's super comfortable, very flowy, and perfect for festival season. When I was in LA, I didn't care about standing out because chances were that I looked normal in comparison to the tweaker on train, and no one would care about my appearance. Now that I'm in London, I don't know if it's because there aren't TONS of girls who look like me (unlike Los Angeles) or if it's because I tend to make versatile outfit choices depending on my mood but I started to go back into a safe space with my clothing to repel the odds of someone staring at me grudgingly. Lately, I've forced myself to do my usual and just go for what I'm feeling at the time, not how I'll feel about people's reactions once I leave the house. 

Needless to say pairing a black mesh top with an embroidered bralette was a rather bold move on my end. The bralette is from Primark, and unfortunately I cannot find it online, but I did find quite a few dupes considering embroidery is becoming one of the latest trends. It's a racerback bra, so it can be a little tricky to put on, but not impossible. I really wanted a bralette that wasn't too flashy, but not plain which is what I would've done normally. Also, don't worry about your nipples showing cause the embroidery covers that for you. *pun intended

I added the leather skirt because I like the concept of a skirt, not necessarily wearing it. This asymmetrical skirt is from Aliexpress, and it was somewhere between $7-$10. I got it in a size S, and should've probably gotten it in a size bigger. My legs are longer than I think they are and any sudden movements means my goodies are on parade. Otherwise, I'd probably wear this skirt more often.

To tie in the look, I wore my signature Target black booties that I wear all most every day. They're all types of worn out, but they could be in worse condition.

Anyone who knows me knows how stingy I can be when it comes to spending on shoes. Every time I do buy a pair, they are typically black boots. I'd prefer comfort and versatility over aesthetic any day....for now.

The booties were £30/$37 and in a US 8.5. They are probably one of the most comfortable pairs of booties I have ever owned. I can pair them with any outfit, any occasion, and they only hurt my feet after walking around for at least 6 hours. I'd say they're worth it entirely. Plus I love how they look like they're just lace up, but the zipper detailing isn't just for show, it actually unzips, and I am so very grateful.