Forever 21

On the Fringe

I'm always trying to think out of my usual comfort zone, especially creatively. I can only hope it reflects in my outfit choices as well. 

I chose to pair a typical outfit I'd wear (basic top and dark jeans) with this fringe shawl(?)*

*I mean, I would normally say it's a kimono, but it isn't really a kimono. There's more fringe than fabric honestly. Fuck it, let's say it's a kimono. 

The kimono is super light, very perfect for the summer. Fringe pieces can always get a little hectic when you wear them, so I advise you are cautious with accessorising. I did find myself adjusting it all the time, which is usual for me considering I always end up wearing a bag that gets in the way.

I was gifted the kimono by my sister (thanks sissy) and didn't have the chance to wear it. Luckily the weather in London did a mad switch up (global warming is real, ya'll) and got warm enough for me to use it on this shoot. It's a size XS/S from Urban Outfitters and the brand is Pins & Needles.

I've had this top for a while now from Forever21. It's perfect for basically any occasion considering the light fabric, and neutral colour. The one I bought is a size S, and luckily if you're on the flatter side (chest-wise) there are adjustable straps. *Win*

These basic ripped black skinny jeans are from Pull & Bear. They're a size 4 (US) and are super comfortable. But like most skinny jeans, they aren't made for someone with an ass and end up being tighter around the waist. I'd aim for a size up next time. Otherwise, they're the perfect jean considering you can wear it with basically anything.

I can't find any of these exact items online, but I have found similar ones and around the same price range. 


Kimono // Tank Top // Black Skinny Jeans