Denim on Denim all Day

Shot by Elias Fersan in London, UK

I've been trying to grow out of my "all black is better for my wardrobe" phase. I have tons of colourful pieces in my closet, most of which I have outgrown either literally or just sense of style. 

I am definitely the type of person who has piles of clothes on the floor, piles in the closet, a dresser that is slightly filled (due to the piles elsewhere), and a full laundry hamper then proceed to wake up the next morning and say there is nothing to wear.

all of which need to be sorted and sold and it will happen in the not too distant future.

Anyways, since discount shopping is always relevant in my mind, I fell in love with Primark instantly. They are the Targets of Europe (for basically everything except most necessities, groceries, appliances, etc you get it). Regardless, the same Target theory applies. You go in for a single ¡tem and leave having spent £200 with at least two dumbbells for shopping bags having justified the purchases. 

I usually style myself for most of my shoots, and it allows me to break out of my comfort zone. If I usually wouldn't wear a piece publicly, I wear it for a shoot (most of the time it is on location and someone will see me wearing it) and that gives me the confidence to wear it again on a normal day.

With this look,  I had this denim skirt already. I believe it's from Topshop and the brand is WYLDR. It's a size 8 and a tad too big, so it's been slowly rotating out of my daily options. Otherwise, it's very comfortable, flattering, and no fuss. Unfortunately I can't find it online, but there are TONS of dupes.

The 'bardot' style top is everywhere, and I love the idea of it. I like having my shoulders and collar bone exposed. I feel like it elongates your neck, and makes you appear taller. The only downside is that if you hate wearing real bras like myself, whether it is strapless or adhesive, you risk the wind blowing and showing all of your bits to the world. That goes without saying whether or not you're wearing a bra. I also found that lifting my arms was not an option as long as I wanted the top to be off the shoulders, plus it would risk me showing off my bits. 

If you asked me to wear slides and socks in 2013, I would laugh hysterically in your face and call you insane. Good thing it's 2017. 

I don't even know where these socks are from (probably H&M), but I love the lace detail on the top, and grey goes with everything. The slides are from Primark's Beach & Swimwear collection. I wanted sandals to wear from the gym to the spa to home without being too extra or spending too much. Just like most items at Primark, it was highly inexpensive and worthy of the dupe. I can't find those ones online either, but they do have a light pink ones in stock.

You definitely don't have to pair this Canadian suit with the same shoe choice. I'd also go for black booties (which is highly typical of me).


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